About us

Building North America’s premier energy infrastructure company

Sempra is an energy infrastructure company focused on connecting millions through the power of people, ideas and innovation. Our 20,000 employees pride themselves on being part of a leader in the energy industry, serving approximately 40 million consumers worldwide. From our San Diego, CA headquarters to our operations in key markets in North America, we are making great strides in developing forward-thinking energy solutions and positively impacting the communities we serve by delivering energy with purpose. With $87 billion in total assets at the end of 2023, combined with informed and impactful strategies and an inspiring mission, we strive for sustainable long-term growth.

Get to know Sempra 

Get to know Sempra

Strategically positioned for growth

The Sempra companies are on a collective mission to build North America’s premier energy infrastructure company. Every day, our teams innovate, collaborate and adapt in order to deliver energy with purpose to nearly 40 million consumers who rely on us for energy.

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Advancing the global energy transition

We believe that we're well positioned to take a leadership role in the energy transition by helping to create the net-zero energy systems of tomorrow.

Driving sustainable value

Working to deliver long-term, sustainable value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

Career opportunities

Advance your career with a leader in the energy industry.

Corporate sustainability

Delivering cleaner energy to the world.


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